Ely Minnesota Fishing Reports

Walleye action remains steady on most lakes in northeast Minnesota. Tactics have changed somewhat, with many anglers reverting back to fishing with minnows and crawlers now that the availability of leeches has dwindled. Many savvy anglers are working larger profile crank baits around sunken island and reef edges with continued success. Fish are holding in slightly deeper water throughout mid-day periods, and moving into the shallows during low light conditions.


The smallmouth bass action has been awesome, with top water baits getting smashed by these aerial acrobats. With all the rocky shorelines available, there's plenty of bass holding structure. Some bass fishing aficionados are using soft baits on a jig or drop-shotting these offerings around sunken rockpiles and doing quite well.


Panfish have been the way to go for those wishing to gather a good quantity of filets for a fish fry. Sunfish are very active and will take anything including worms, minnows and artificial offerings - whether sub-surface or top water. It's a blast at this time of year to have some jumbo sunnies and crappies slurping up popping bugs or flies from the surface, and young or old anglers alike get caught up in this frenzied action.



Bragging size pike have been smashing baits on area lakes recently. Large crank baits and spinner baits are doing the trick when fishing for these monsters.

Ely Chamber on Aug 21, 2017