Ely Minnesota Fishing Reports

Those fishermen who have been putting in the time seem to be doing very well. The walleyes are staggered throughout the water column, coming out of twenty feet of water all the way up to four to six feet. Most anglers are using crank baits, such as Shad Raps and Flicker Minnows, but many are relying on live offerings with crawler harnesses being their go-to bait. A few anglers are finding that working a slip bobber and minnow combo around reef and island edges are also producing.

Bass fishermen are having one heck of a good time using both sub-surface baits and ripping top water baits near weed beds or island points. Hula Poppers, Jitterbugs, and Rapala Skitter Pops are working well in the shallow bays.

Pike anglers are plying the waters with large spinner baits and spoons, and are cashing in on some lunkers up in the upper forty inch range.

Panfish are definitely on the menu for quite a few folks, with sunnies weighing up to a pound in weight and crappies up to sixteen inches long. The best fishing for sunnies is late evening with the crappie bite continuing into the darkness.

Ely Chamber on Aug 28, 2017