Ely Minnesota Fishing Reports

As the water begins to cool, most fish species have left the shallower waters and begun to haunt the deepest parts of the lakes. Walleyes in particular are being caught down as deep as thirty-five feet. Minnows have finally made their comeback as the preferred bait for fishing deep. Jig heads up to 3/4 ounce gets your bait down in the target zone. Crawler harnesses are still working too though as most anglers are trolling spinner rigs on bottom bouncers to fill their stringers. Big pike too have gone deeper with some large ones coming out of twenty-five to thirty feet of water.

Crappies have begun to bunch up a bit, look for the schools to be holding at twelve to fifteen feet. Small safety pin type spinners such as Beetle Spins make a great search tool as do small crank baits in the number three to five size.

A few lake trout have been taken with spoons and cranks on area lake trout lakes. Most trout are smaller fish in the three to five pound range with an occasional eight thrown in. With the water cooling, the fish there have been in depths of thirty-five to fifty feet. White and white/green spoon colors working best.

Ely Chamber on Sep 11, 2017