Ely Minnesota Fishing Reports

Lake trout have become the number one target for those looking for some action, and for the most part have been rewarded with some decent catches. The number one method is a run and gun approach with tube jigs and small spoons. A close second has been to lay a smelt right on the bottom under a dead stick or tip-up.


Rainbow trout have been a hot topic as well. Most fish have come by either using a small jig tipped with a wax worm or dead, salted minnows in shallower depths. Try fishing down from six to fifteen feet beneath the ice for best results. Those fishing for splake  splake are using these same methods in shallow water close to shore.


Crappie action has been light as is usual at this time of the season, but should gain momentum in the next few weeks.


Ely Chamber on Jan 29, 2018