Ely Minnesota Fishing Seasons

Although spring and summer have traditionally been the most popular times of the year to fish in Ely Minnesota, fall and winter have also become quite popular thanks to better fishing equipment and access by snowmobile, dog sledding, skiing and snowshoeing. Consulting an expert fishing guide is the best way to have success regardless of the season.

northern.jpgSpring is a favorite time of year for many fisherman. As the snow melts, lakes, rivers and streams swell and fish become active as they move from winter locations to spawning areas. This is a great time to plan your fishing trip especially if you don’t mind cooler weather sometimes found in late spring and early summer.

Summer is a popular time of year for fishing in Ely Minnesota. As water temperatures warm up in area lakes, the fish move out to areas better suited for the warm days of summer. The warm months of summer are perfect for anglers wanting to bring the whole family with and fish in comfort.

Fall is often the most underestimated fishing season in Ely Minnesota. As fish prepare for the winter months ahead, they feed heavily and put on weight which improves your chances of catching the trophy you have always dreamed of. Combine this with the beautiful fall colors and cool crisp days and you have the perfect fishing experience!

icefishing.jpgWinter ice fishing is quickly becoming as popular as the rest of the seasons in Ely Minnesota. With improved technology in fish locators, rods, shelters, and cold weather clothing, ice fishing has become an enjoyable recreation activity through the cold winter months. Many lakes around Ely are accessible by 4x4 vehicles when the ice is thick enough and are accessible almost the entire winter by snowmobile, dog sled, cross country skis and snowshoes. Knowing where to fish is probably the hardest part of ice fishing. For the best success in your next ice fishing trip to Ely Minnesota, consider hiring an expert fishing guide.